AP XR4826 disconnect connection in peak time


We have multiple AP and each AP are having 300 device connected and on non peak time there is no internet disconnection but when peak time started most of device disconnected internet as well disconnected gateway.

Hello Ajeet, wekcome to the Cambium Community. Can you please share what version of AP software you are currently running on your Xirrus APs?


Hi Gary,

Thanks for your ack on this issue, we are running XS-8.5.3-7601 version on AP.

Again problem statement:-
When there is no peak time there is ko issue on devices which is connected with AP
When there is peak time device is connected with AP bit on device there is jo internet connection as well device can reach gateway and same time when we do the same activity from AP there is no issue.

Kindly let me know whats issue and what would eb solution for this.

Hi Ajeet, that version of AP software is very old (released Jan 2019). Since that time we have fixed many issues and similiar issues to what you are referring. I would recommend you upgrade at least a couple of your APs to version 8.5.11-7757 which is available on the Cambium Support Download page ( https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files ). If you need assistance with the upgrade or still have any issues then please open up a Cambium Support ticket and ask them to assign it to me.

Hey Gary,

I have 2 location in one location where everything works fine in peak time as well as non-peak hours and another location are having a problem with peak time their devices (cell phone disconnected) from ap.

The location where the problem is not there in peak time OS is:- 8.3.2-7078 (No issue)
The location where the problem is there in peak time OS is:- 8.5.10-7739 (Issue)

kindly help me with this.


Hi Ajeet, with this information it would be interesting to see if you downgrade the location with the issue to 8.3.2-7078 if that resolves the issue.