AP7181 Access Point [Client access traffic Issue]

Hi Everybody!

I’m testing the new Mesh AP7181. I face a strange fact - I achieve only 5-8 Mbps through the 802.11 g network! For test is used two laptops and the “Iperf” tool. File transfer shows almost the same. The distance between clients and AP is no more than 40m.
The main question: Is there any special options in the AP7181 that may limit the bandwidth to the clients? What may cause this relative slow speeds? Does anybody face similar problem?
I will be grateful to have any suggestion and recommendation!

Regards: Mihail

thats all your going to see on G… 54m is the signaling rate, your effect rate is more like 15… since you were passing traffic from one to the other on Jperf our only going to see 50% of that on a bidirectional test.