API Client Token

I am having an issue with getting a token from api I am getting

"Could not Complete  OAuth 2.0 Login.

Check Postman Console for more details"

I am following the post from this url http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/cnMaestro/RESTful-API-configuration-and-support-on-cnMaestro/td-p/96123

It is a bit dated but to my knowledge, all the data I am putting in should be right.

I get a Preview Request response.

I have the client name, id, and secret, Type as client credntirls. I did add the "api/v1/access/token" in the token url also. I tried with the domain url and ip. It is all copy and pasted for the id and secret.. idky its not working.

Any thoughts?

In the Postman app under File > Settings there was a "SSL certificate verification" That was on.

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