API - devices - tower missing

We have a script that runs to update contact and location information for SMs.  The tower field from the /devices/{MAC Address} API call is used to determine if the SM is connected before running the information update.  Recently we have noticed about half the SMs do not have the tower field populated in the API even though the SM is connected to the tower.  It is possible this change happened in an earlier release and we just now caught it.

Is this a bug or is tower not used anymore?


curl \
-X GET -k \
-H "Authorization: Bearer a1c7ca892c678950628cfcbce0cf16ab2d29fa4e"

{"paging":{"offset":0,"limit":100,"total":1},"data":[{"country":"United States","name":"Bill Smith","ip":"","network":"Area 14","product":"PMP 450b Mid-Gain","msn":"M9VL0GC5M47Z","software_version":"16.1.1","inactive_software_version":"","last_reboot_reason":"","hardware_version":"111919","registration_date":"2020-01-24T21:55:35+00:00","status":"online","type":"pmp","tower":"","location":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[0,0]},"mac":"0A:00:3E:70:60:5A","managed_account":"","status_time":8358962,"config":{"version":"0","variables":{"SRC_MAC":"0A-00-3E-70-60-5A","DISPLAY_NAME":null},"sync_status":true}}]}


Can you please share the cMaestro version in which you are seeing this issue.

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Sorry for the late reply - Version 2.4.0-r3

Apologies, this was an issue on our end - discovered certain sites named one way vs another.