API for cnMaestro On Premise auto onboarding option 43

We are working on integrating using the cnMaestro on premise REST API if someone could confirm. 


ZTP Option43 


As long as the AP is "apodted" any Subcriber Modules PMP radios will be auto matically adopted when they get their option43 details via DHCP. 


REST API is on prem only (in roadmap for cloud) 


IS there a method to programitcally claim the device via the API by pre-provisioning the SM via the API I know we can put the inventory in advance which would achieve this. 


Any way to push a template to a device via the API aside from the job scheduler. 

Thanks so much! 



Please see response for your queries as below:


Point #1:

Yes. As long as AP is onboarded, respective SMs will be automatically onboarded into same On-Premises instance.


Point #2:

Yes. As of now, NBI APIs are available only for On-Premises installations. Cloud support is part of roadmap and as of now targeted by Q2-2019.


Point #3:

Yes. Device claim APIs will be available as part of upcoming release – 2.0.0.


Point# 4:

Yes. You will be able to push a template to ePMP/PMP devices using NBI API starting from upcoming release 2.0.0


As of now, release 2.0.0 is tracking towards end of October.