API search by name?

Is there a way to search the API by name, without literally pulling every single device page and manually filtering to find the device i’m looking for if i don’t have the ESN on hand?

Maybe the new API has this but original one does not. If you have a lot of devices, will need to paginate through them. Can provide sample code if needed, assuming Cambium doesn’t block it this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the swagger documentation link on your cnMaestro instance (Services->API Clients->Swagger API Documentation) or append this to base server IP (/help/api/index.html)

Did we block sample code in the past? I don’t know why we would have done that.

Yeah someone at Cambium removed it

I just mean to be able to query /devices?name=Someone%20Name more or less and get back a list of devices that match that name, so that we can search for a device from the API like we can from the user interface.

I’m basically looking for the RestAPI equivilent of the cnMaestro cn-srv api … https://cnmaestro/0/cn-srv/search/inventory?fields=cfg.name,net.ip,mac&limit=10&search={"inventory":{"OR":[{"cfg.name":{"REGX":"Chris"}}]}}

I find it funny you guys are maintaining 2 API’s one the one cnMaestro uses… cn-srv and the restapi separately, I feel like if cnMaestro used its own RestAPI for the UI the team would see some stuff like this seems to be missing or not exposed.

I agree that a search and filter would be helpful in the rest api, but doubt we will ever see it

Thanks for your feedback.
We will try to add this feature after doing internal reviews and let you guys know.