Apple products having trouble logging into E400

I have a client that has several E400 APs in his system.  He has decided to increase the security on his system and added WPA2 Preshared Keys.  The Mac computers and iphones are having a hard time connecting.  Does anybody have any experience with this?



hi please share below details,

1. APE400 techdump file 

2. Apple device version 

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techdump can be downloaded from

1. AP ui TroubleShoot section, download AP Techdump! 

2. From cnMaestro: roubleshooting/tools section

I don't find the download link there but under Config-Operations-Download Tech Support.  Is that it?

Yes that one

I think I might have found the problem.  Some of their E-400 are still using software 3.0-r33, and those seem to be the ones causing the problem. I do have a tech dump for you and one of the Mac having the problem is 10.6.8.  I will get the software updated and I'll bet our problems will go away.  I'll get back to this thread if the problem still persists with version 3.1.1-r6.

Thanks much for your response.



The latest image is E400_E50X-3.3-r16.img. We can make use of it.