Apply Cyber Security and logo Administration for Cambium Radio

Hi Cambium development team I hope you can take it serious to apply Cyber Security and logo Administration for Cambium Radios: - Hide and protect the access for the radio from the client attacker as well. - Can able to change the Logo for the Enterprise Customers. Thanks Triple Network Inc.

Ummm.... I remember reading somewhere in either the PMP100 and/or PMP450 documentation on a way to change the logo/upload a new logo. It was buried deep in the documentation.

I also think I read something about the ePMP and PMP teams are working on a feature to disable the status page and also adding read-only access options.

We change the color scheme and logo!

The ability to change logo, as well as "read only" logins, and the ability to mask information is present on the PMP 450 family of products.