April 07, 2017 - Camouflage Victories and Fails

This week is all about disguises - Good and bad. You can learn about the history of camouflage on Wikipedia, or you can submit submit your photos to us. The best four get new shirts.

We want to see your images of Cambium equipment modified to blend into the environmennt. Of course we want to see your best success, but the epic fails are also interesting. For example, check out these two (maybe they want you to see the video camera on Bourbon Street)::



Can you see me?




Is that a PTP with a huge reflector or a hot tub?

8-ft taiko drum.


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Vote for Italy on camuflage…

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The second image is ours!

Is a disguised PM P450 installed on an ancient ruined castle on the Marostica's own hill in Veneto (Italy)

Marostica bills itself as the "City of Chess": every two years a medieval-themed festival is held here, when a giant chess game is enacted with human chess-pieces. This takes place in the town square (under this castle), Piazza del Castello, where the paving marks out a huge chessboard.



Thank you Telemar - I love that photo.

Do you provide any connectivity for the chess festival?



One of our repeater sites:

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We have a free WiFi service in the town square with a PMP450 SM and a MikroTik 2.4GHz.

Thinking about cnPilot for the future

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uGPS hidden on a schermated Bell Tower.

We have installed that uGPS connected to a CMM4 because was impossible the GPS Sync inside the bell room


How large of an outdoor area will you be covering?

On the square?

This is a photo from a past event. We have a PMP450i on a bastion of the castle on the hill and a PMP on the door bell connected to a 90° MikroTik 2.4GHz that lightening the square but with many people it's not very reliable. Plus we have an omni from the other side of the square to help  if needed.


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That is very cool, how many attended the event?

For this specific event (every two years) 5000 people. With summer concerts I think... 2000

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Winners for the camouflage contest are:


Stu Thom 

Please send an email to solutions@cambiumnetworks.com with your shirt size and shipping address.



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Old thread, and not our installation (thank god) but seemed the right place to share this...

Seen beside I485 south of Charlotte NC.  Just happens that Streetview camera car drove past while it was being finished.  Google Earth's 3D view is interesting too.

Yeah, it still looks like that, minus the crane.  To be fair, when driving past at 70+mph you really don't see the antennas...  But the "Christmas tree on a pole" look is priceless.  Maybe they should string lights on it.