APs not sticking with specified Candidates Channel

Hi, so I’ve mentioned specified candidate channels for 2.4Ghz as 1 6 11 with channel width as 20.

Some how the APs are not sticking with these channels, I can see an AP on channel 10.
What am I doing wrong, if someone can point me in the right direction.

Can you show the device page? Maybe it was set there?

Can you please check is the config sync on that particular AP was successful or not.

So, IP 43, which was on channel 10, has moved to channel 1. And now IP 44 is on channel 7. All of them are on firmware

All of them are in-Sync:

I didn’t set anything on the APs except override IP settings, with VLAN1 IP static.
IP 44 Radios:

and it’s radio override config:

Channel distribution now are all over the places:


Update 2:
With the AP group, I switched 2.4Ghz to manual power, and then switched back to Auto. This seems to have fixed their channels for the time. Need to see what does OCS do:

If channel change happen because of DCS, it will choose a random channel. “show events” will provide information about reason for channel change.

It would, but isin’t the purpose of candidates channel is to let it choose the cleanest channel mentioned in the restrictions, and nothing outside of the range ?

Meanwhile, I’ve observed that most times it is sticking to the candidates channels, but there are few instances it isin’t.

As per current implementation DCS triggered Auto-RF will choose a random channel in few scenarios.

Can we have the techsupport, so that we will get the exact reason for this behavior.
Please share the techsupport to my mail “aravind.s@cambiumnetworks.com

Going forward, we have lot of enhancements in our upcoming builds with respect to Auto-RF.

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Hi Vineet,
It seem all the AP’s in that Site were running with older build.
Please upgrade the AP to latest release build available in our support page which has lot of improvements w.r.t Auto-RF.


Thanks for checking. Will do, was running because it was showing as recommended build. Will also check the change log for the latest build.

Edit: The release notes link besides the 6.5.1-r11 update is turning up page not found:

Edit: Done, all upgraded to latest build.

Edit: I can confirm that firmware upgrade seems to have fixed the issue, the channels are now sticking to the specified ones.