APs that have gone bad so far this year.

Hey guys sorry if there is a thread already made for this.

So far i have lost 4 Epmp 1000 Aps and one 450I 900 AP. I have 6 total towers on my network all professionally Grounded/ inspected everyyear. I have Backhauls that Range from Exalt to cambium to Ubquity Air fibers. I havn't lost a backhaul in years. I also have old Canopy Gear thats been up there for 8 Plus years and havn't lost one for the past 4 years. I am wondering if anyone else is losing the new cambium Aps due to power outages/ OFB failures or Em I doing something Wrong?  All my Gear is hooked up to industrial layer 2 switchs with Grounded connectors and High end Battery backups/power bars. 

I will be sending My equipment in for a RMA and Cambium is very good about it. I would just like to know of anyone has any insight on how to better protect my EPMP gear and 450I gear against the elements.



It would take a site survey to check everything is o.k., but if the rest of your equipment in working flawlessly we must assume you've a proper install!

Here you can see how we ground outdoor installations when dealing with temperamental equipment -SIAE stuff this time, but the same goes for any vendor-:

  • We use AWG5 for the last 2 meters of grounding (AWG3 and less for longer runs).
  • Grounding equipment _and_ supports is a Good Thing‚ĄĘ.

With this approach we have almost eliminated storm related failures -except for direct striking, of course xD-.


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thank you for the quick reply. 

the 1000s have a spot for a ground screw on the heat spreader or use the large thump screw upnder the cover in front, you'll want to lug there with least a 10ga and quickly get to a larger path, don't forget to direct contact ground your antennas and ground the shielding of your cat5e/cat6 cable.  use a good gigabit surge suppressor as well.

be sure your Ethernet path is longer than your ground path,  and your ground path has more than one connection to your towers ground ring.  check the bonding from your utility company into the towers ground ring as well.  ground potential difference is the biggest killer of gear wireless gear. 

a steel tower is NOT a good path to ground, always besure to have a copper home run.

attached is a photo of on of our switches, its a little over kill but its made a good difference along with everything else i've described. (please ignore the switch in the photo) we fell for it for a while too....

some good reading on the subject:



we learned from the school of hard knocks,   following these practices have kept us from repeating class. :)

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