are 450b 3GHz and 5GHz dishes actually different?

They have different part numbers, but are they really different?  Talking about N030045D001A and N050045D002A.  Note I am not talking about IP55 vs IP67 versions.

If we take them out of the 4-pack box but don't assemble them immediately to radios, I don't know how to tell them apart unless we put a 3GHz or 5GHz label on each dish.

Are these just the same exact part with a different P/N on the box?

Oh man, I haven't gotten 3ghz 450b's yet, but I hope so.  That was the good thing about the crappy old reflector + sm design, was the dish was a dish was a dish.

Unless it was a 3.65 in which case you needed a new dish but at least that new dish was compatible with all CPE!  I digress.

Unfortunately, due to the physics of the reflector part, there are differences in the rear housing.

The actual metal dish and the mounting hardware are exactly the same parts. However, the rear housing (that has the carrying handle on it) is different between the 5 GHz and 3 GHz versions. The tube is a different length, and so the housing that this goes in needs to accommodate that.

If we were at the office, I would post some pictures so you could easily see it... 

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If they could have been the same except for the module inventory etc would have been so much easier. I still hope for a retro unit with the 450b guts.

Performance wise what is the difference between a PMP450b in 3ghz and the old style 3ghz?

We did some testing with the original SM’s and KP performance reflector dishes and found that the RSSI was about the same ±1dB… there is a major difference between them in TX power however, with the 450b allowing up to 29dBm TX power, or 49dBm EIRP. This helps tremendously with nNLOS shots.


Also 450b is uncapped, no speed keys to purchase, and I believe it has a faster CPU.