Ask about AP outdoor Mesh Link

Hello Please give me recommendation model & type about Access Point outdoor enviroment that support mesh Link & have no issues. Thanks before

All outdoor APs support MESH (link without ethernet)
Sometimes people talking aboout MESH thinking about 802.11r+v. It already works too.

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Ok thanks sir, I try to simulate them in wifi designer and using XV2-2T0 and coverage between -45 to -55 dbm . Can u help me to calculate throughput if distance MESH BASE to MESH CLIENT about 220 m? Oh ya any case studies document for me about mesh link using cambium XV or cnPilot series? Thanks before

Link speed cannot be estimated. It is not known how many wifi networks are in the area, how much they interfere, whether there are any terrain obstacles. I have a lot of mesh links in my implementations, but I avoid ones over 100 meters. That’s too much of a risk of frequent disconnections. I suggest you use either ePMP or 60GHz technology to connect these 2 locations.

OK in other words, we must do real test speed in the field right ?

of course, you can test, but as I wrote, this is not a good solution for such distances. Even though one day the tests will pass, the next day MESH may fail.