Association ACL CSV Format

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I need to import a long list of MAC addresses into cnMaestro, I see the controller support to use a .csv file. But I cannot find a template of the .csv file (as I tried myself and always got "Imported file is not in CSV format" error).

Could any experts share me the template?

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Tu Tran

For exact file type and how the data we have to create a table right, we can just click on “Export” è Export all as CSV.

It will have the format of template also with MAC, Description and Access type also.


  1. MAC address –any format with : or – is allowed è cnMaestro will take as –
  2. Description – any format with or without text is allowed
  3. Access type allow or deny – any format lower case or upper case, it will correct and modify as per the cnMaestro format Allow or Deny

Attached one exampl, which i was able to import on cloud cnMaestro without any issue. Unzip and make use of it.

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It worked like a charm. Tks a lot!