Attach your cell phone to PMP450b SM to use cnArcher hands-free

If you are using cnArcher with PMP450b SMs, we are looking for feedback on an attachment that will allow you to mount a cell phone holder on to the SM to use with cnArcher.The attachment has the AMPS pattern that will allow you to use compatible phone holders.

The photo below shows the attachment with a phone holder from ProClip USA (Adjustable Phone Holder | ProClip USA)

Please watch cnArcher Makes Fixed Wireless Broadband Installation Easy - YouTube to see the attachment in use.

If you are interested in trying a 3D printed prototype of the attachment and providing feedback, please email rajesh.vijayakumar@cambiumnetworks,com. Also indicate how many units (1-3) you need. We will ship samples free of cost on first come first serve basis. Customers in US will get priority because of ease of shipping. To use the attachment, you will have to purchase a compatible phone holder separately.