Authentication failed invalid username and password

My isp has change my setup to combium but i am facing issue that i am able to use pppoe user name and password on archer c60 router but when i use this on other router it shows authentication failed invalid username and password. But on c60 it works fine then what is the issue

How to solve this?

Please share the Cambium cnPilot product name?
As authentication is rejected by ISP’s PPPoE server, did ISP confirm the PPPoE username and password are valid for the new cambium setup?

In a new cambium setup device name is combium 190, i am using this username & password on this new setup with tp link archer c60 but not able to use it on other router tp link w840n. After that again i am login with this username and password on archer c60 it works fine but not on other routers.

As you stated above, the credentials work only with archer c60.
Please check if your ISP is binding your account to device’s Serial Number and MAC address ?