Auto Config Update of R-Series Routers with Config file named as MAC address

This document explains how to pull the config file from TFTP server where config files are renamed with mac address of WAN interface of routers. Please follow below link for detailed steps on provisioning of R-Series routers using DHCP Option 66.

The below steps are verified on 4.4-R6

Steps to Pull Config from file named with MAC address of routers

  • Run DHCP Server with option 66 .Option 66 should contain IP address of TFTP Server
  • Run TFTP Server .TFTP server should be reachable to router .TFTP folder should contain config files as explained ahead
  • Factory default the router
  • Download the config file

Rename the config file as "Cambium-cnPilot-R.cfg " since Default Configuration file  beginning from 4.3 is "Cambium-cnPilot-R.cfg "  as shown below  


  • Place "Cambium-cnPilot-R.cfg " in the TFTP folder
  • Edit “DBID_PRV_CONFIGFILE” variable  in "Cambium-cnPilot-R.cfg" file as  shown below and save it


  • Assuming you already have a config files named with mac address of the WAN interface of the routers in the TFTP folder
  • Configuration file example is: (router WAN MAC is 00:04:56:04:AE:B1/ configuration file name in TFTP folder should be 00045604aeb1)
  • Edit “DBID_PRV_CONFIGFILE” variable in “00045604aeb1" file as shown below and save it.


 “00045604aeb1" is a config file example here. Your config file will be mac address of WAN interface of your router

  • Reboot the router
  • Router will come up with config from config file which is named with MAC address