Auto parent-child

I have base station AP450 and connected SM 430 and 450 model. Wiresell management auto create in Inventory parent-child custom view PMP450 wuth base stion AP450 and parent-child only SM450.

How i may configuration auto-parent child SM 450 and 430 in AP450

I've confirmed that this is a bug in WM 4.2 and earlier releases.  WM properly discovers the 430 SMs but does not automatically establish the logical relationship (link) between the 450 AP and 430 SM.

For the time being, there is a manual workaround for this:

1. In the inventory view, select the 430 SM you wish to link.

2. Right click the SM and select  "Add Relationship" from the menu list.

3. In the resulting dialog select "Parenf of" for the Relationship setting.

4. For Device 2, click the find button and type the name, ID, or IP address of the AP you want to associate with.

5. Click ok to close the dialogs.

Initially, there will be a black line between the AP and the SM.  As additional statistics are collected, this line will change color to indicate the health of the link.

Thanks but  manual logical relationship we not may used because 430Sm may connected different 450AP.

please say when you fix it is bug