Auto provisioning woes

I’ve configured option 66 in our dhcp server, and all devices are correctly requesting the default cambium-cnpilot-r.cfg file.

I can send the new password and enable remote access with just our office being able to access it. I then have the config file name changed to match the model mumber.

After a reboot, the router correctly pulls its model specific config file. In this config file i have it get a firmware update url matching the model and change the config file source to mac specific. Firmware installs and reboots.

Now it gets fun.

The routers are not honoring the channel=1 variable correctly. The 2ghz config on the 201s and the 190, 200s all show channel 1 in the config gui as selected, however the status screen shows a different channel in service. Power cycled the router to see if it just haven’t stuck the config. Same issue, will not honor the config even though its listed on the config screen.

Now if I’m at the config screen and simply click save changes, and reboot, it will honor channel 1 correctly.

This is also true of the HT_BW value, the 5ghz versions that ive found… are there other variables i meed to define ?

Is there a master list of variables and definitions for these comfig files rather than muddering through a saved file ?

Also can i comment out notes in the config ?

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Hi Chris,

I have forwarded this to the product team. They will be commenting soon.


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any chance on getting this information for the current or future release?


Please see the parameters to configure  the  channel and bandwidth in  2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WLAN

          2.4 GHz WLAN configuration:

  1. AutoChannelSelect= 0 or 1      >> “0” to Disable auto channel  selection  and  “1” to Enable auto channel selection.
  2. Channel=“ channel number ”    >>  User input channel  number  is selected  when  auto channel  selection option (AutoChannelSelect= 0)  is disabled.
  3. HT_BW=1                                   >>   “0”  to configure the HT_BW in 20  and  “1 ”  to configure  the in 20/40 Mhz

5 Ghz Wlan configuration:

  1. RTDEV_AutoChannelSelect=0 or 1  >> “0” to Disable auto channel  selection  and  “1” to Enable auto channel selection.
  2.  RTDEV_Channel= “ channel number ”    >>  User input channel  number  is selected  when  auto channel  selection option (RTDEV_AutoChannelSelect=0) is disabled.
  3. RTDEV_VHT_BW=1 or 0  >>   “0” to configure the VHT_BW in the 20/40 Mhz and “1” to configure  in the VHT_BW 80Mhz
  4. RTDEV_HT_BW=1 or 0  >>   “0”  to configure the HT_BW in the  20Mhz  and  “1 ”  to configure  in the  20/40 Mhz

Please let me know if you have any query.



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is that document available for a complete list of configuration options and definitions? 

I'd like to also configure 3 wan interfaces, 1 for TV, 1 for management, and 1 for network access automatically. 

we've began to deploy FTTH and we are using cambium routers as our managed edge. to prevent customers from using other routers, the untagged data is just a private range that can reach our tftp server but not any other services.  

it would be nice to be able to setup a default template to configure these parameters as well without the need for us to interact with each router individually with the exception of adding a host name once host name resolution is supported.