Automate Global Configuration Backup in cnMaestro

Currently if we wanted nightly backups, we’d need to go into System/Configuration/ (select PMP/ePMP) then under Global PMP/ePMP/cnReach Configuration Backup

A user is able to do this on occasion.

If there were a way to automate this nightly, we’d all be golden. Being able to easily download a backup for each device is the next step.



Automatic backups should deffo get in a look in.

Absolutely need this to be automated. AND that should absolutely be a FREE feature, in the cnMaestro FREE edition. We should certainly NOT have to pay yet another monthly license fee for the privilege of backing up OUR configurations in OUR radios which WE have already purchased.

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Sorry to revive a zombie but can we please look into this.Had a client lose a couple of ePMP’s and cnPilots due to a freak thunderstorm that seemingly hit their powerfeed.Luckily could get most of them sorta configed via templates but took way too much time compared to just pulling LKG configs.

I have clients without much technical prowess so no oxidized or rancid onprem.Some of them don’t even have onsite servers anymore as everything is just cloud hosted.Cannot be all that hard to do esp if some sort of system like git/cvs is used to store configs.

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Just to be clear, currently, you can only trigger this global backup manually, it just can’t be done on an automated basis.

It can be done manually in Monitor and Manage>System>Configuration>At the bottom, look for Global PMP/ePMP… Configuration Backup

Cambium, please make an option to run this every night, automatically, at a certain time. Either that, or store configuration backups per device whenever a change to the configuration of a device is detected.

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This would be an amazing add and would make restoration from storm events so much easier!


Hi another lightning storm, another set of 180’s I had to replace for a customer.
Can we please look at this in 2022 ?

Technically my customer can replace the radios themselves when they have coldspares and I don’t need to visit site in these Covid times.

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Hmmm. I don’t see that option… perhaps they removed it from the free version, and now they charge a fee to backup our configurations from our radios?

Agree for this feature (with automatic upload through FTP like the cnmaestro configuration).

You find it selecting the SYSTEM network (not default)

Seconding this, we would really like this to be added

Cambium have noted this in another thread and have said they are looking into it iirc.

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I’d like add my support for this, we’ve got a site tomorrow to fix a radio where if an automated backup had been available, no visit would have been required.

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Events like that make me miss using AirControl a few years ago. AP’s configuration was stored on the server at onboarding, and live changes updated the file. Made restorations dead simple

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My feeling is that they use the “Your Ideas” section to know what features are in demand and what to charge ‘license fees’ for. :person_shrugging:

I do realize that everything has developmental & maintenance cost, but at least automated config backups of all our Cambium Gear absolutely needs to be a free included feature. :pray:

Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if the good ideas eventually turn into “pay-to-play” features. And while I agree that development costs money, I believe its in their best interest to keep it included via firmware updates rather than in the form of a monthly fee. Continued development of the product line in expected by the consumer and is essential for keeping a product competitive. If tweaks and feature additions can keep the AP viable for a few extra years, we’ll keep buying SM’s, I’d think all but the most desperate will jump ship when a comparable product comes along with the “pay-to-play” features included for no additional fee.

Also just to be clear, Config backups are included but it is a manual process. The feature request is to have process automation.

Haha I don’t think you’re wrong there.
It’s just Cambium are starting to enter corporate spaces here and the nms or campus managers have a very strict requirement on requirements it has to meet to pass audits.