Automatic ePSK expiration tool

Hi everyone.
Due to some issue with implementing guest access with our e410 installation in a Ho.Re.Ca. enviroment, we thought about using ePSK.
The only problem is that they don’t have an expiration, obviously unless you don’t delete them manually.
It would be great having limited time ePSK.

Hmm, I guess nobody will rewrite the entire ePSK for one client ?!
If you want such miracles, play with vouchers

ePSK needs a lot of work to catch up to what Aerohive/Extreme can do with their version of this (I believe they were actually the first with this type of feature).

Another gaping hole is that cnMaestro doesn’t show you which ePSK a given client is connected with. This makes any sort of accounting / usage info almost fully worthless, since you can’t sort by ePSK or filter by ePSK or anything like that.

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Yeah this and group keys would be mega.
As said by another poster they are still quite a bit behind Aerohive with these features.

This might be worth it’s own discusses post on the Your Ideas area;