Automatic subscriber link calculation

I have about 50 Network Sites and 2000+ Subscriber Sites. Is there a way to have LinkPlanner automatically calculate the link path for each site within range of it's AP? Currently, I have to manually select each AP and it's subscribers in range. This can take quite a while. I would like to "select all" for every AP and click calculate. I want to see if subscriber sites can connect to multiple tower sites.

I can do this manually, but it's a real pain to have to do it for each AP. A magic button to see what AP each SM can connect to would really help. I hope this makes sense.

Hmmm maybe I'm not getting what you're trying to do... but the way we do it is to setup an AP (like a 450m) set the proper GPS coordinates, elevation, downtilt on the antenna, and distance and it draws a pie on the map... we then take a Google KMZ of all of our subscribers and import it into LinkPlanner... LinkPlanner will then populate the AP with only the subscribers that are in the supplied coverage area, along with all their stats. If we change the distance, downtilt, etc. on the AP, and the coverage area changes, subscribers will be added or removed automatically.

I think our Best Server feature will help you. Once you have configured your APs you can add a list of subscriber sites. The Best Server analysis then does an automatic check for each subscriber site and recommends the AP that will give the strongest signal level (as well as choosing the SM type that will meet the requirements specified with the lowest gain antenna). The analysis shows up to 3 AP options per subscriber site which meet the RF requirements.

Once the analysis is complete the user can then choose to “Create” the network and the SMs will all be created automatically against the selected APs.

More details on using this feature can be found in our User Guide at

This analysis does not take into account the capacity requirements, therefore you will need to check that the APs are not overloaded. If you do have overloading there is also a feature to split access points, simply right click on the AP and select Split Access Point. Duplicate APs will be created and the subscribers split evenly across the APs.

This is exactly what I'm looking for. I just upgraded to 4.7.4 last night and overlooked this feature. Much appreciated!

I've run the Best Server Analysis on 1200 subscribers and 109 of them came back as NMR...which is expected. Is there a way to show NMR subscribers linked to an AP on the map? Currently they show no link. Also, what is the difference between a red line linked subscriber and NMR? They both don't meet requirements but some show up at a red link and others no link at all.

Hi Eric,

The NMR subscribers will be all of the remaining unconnected subscriber sites - assuming that you have created the links for the other results. There is no link, because the sites haven't been connected to any AP. You can manually connect them to the closest AP if you want to do that.

Some of the connected links may still turn red because the individual link requirements, such as availablility, may not meet the required levels. You can fine-tune the individual links to get the availability and mode that you are after. See this section in the docs for editing multiple links at once - The document refers to PTP links, but it applies to any table view in LINKPlanner.