Autopilot - CLI overrides syntax


I’m new to cambium products, but I’ve inherited a setup where there is an E410 and an E430 AP installed at a remote location with intermittent internet connectivity. In this setup the E410 is the autopilot master, firmware is at
This setup is quite elegant and performant, roaming is seamless all is good etc.

However there are a few settings in the autopilot webui which are not exposed and I’d like them to be configured. I can do these configurations from the individual device webui or cli but that config gets overwritten by the autopilot config.

If I understand correctly I need to use the autopilot > Configugre > CLI overries options in the autopilot webui to get my config merged with the autopilot config.
Unfortunately i get stuck on the correct syntax or something else, because:

This works:

interface vlan 1
ip dhcp request-option-all

but if I continue with further settings for other vlans this does not work: the APs rebooting, becoming slow, in the cli ‘show config’ erros out.

interface vlan 1
ip dhcp request-option-all
interface vlan 100
no management-access
interface vlan 101
no management-access
interface vlan 130
no management-access

Any help would be appriciated. I get that the on premises or the cloud hosted cnmaestro is much more capable but at the moment I cannot run a VM at that site; internet access is spotty; and I would rather not switch back to the individual AP config if autopilot exists.

Thanks in advance!

Auto pilot feature will be deprecated soon. From 6.x fw release onwards, Autopilot is not supported. cnMaestro is the suggested model to manage the APs. cnMaestro comes with Essentials version which is free to use.


I understand your position, thank you for your input. For two old AP-s I’m not considering upgrading to 6.x. I’ll figure it out through trial and error.

Good afternoon, were you able to overcome this problem? I have the same

Unfortunately not.
On one site I stayed with the controller based autopilot and set up some firewall rules for some level of protection (but I could not add for example some cli only wifi options…) , on an other I joined the cloud hosted management, where this option works…