Autopilot: Configuration sync on managed APs

Configuration is synced automatically on all the APs managed from the autopilot master. So if you update an SSID or a passphrase, or change the channel on some AP and hit Apply on the master-AP this information is synced among all the managed access points within 5-30 seconds automatically without the need for any other intervention.

There are some cases where a configuration update from the master could fail, this could be either due to some configuration parameter failing validation on a remote AP, or, more likely, the master and the managed APs are on different firmware releases. To check if this is the case click on Dashboard->Access Points->System and check the last column titled CONFIG SYNCED. If the config is not synced on some AP (like the example below) look at the field titled Firmware and validate the versions.

In the example below the one AP that did not sync did not do so because it is on version 3.4.3 while other APs on the network are already on 3.4.4. Upgrading the firmware on this AP should also makes its configuration remain in sync with the master AP.