AUX Ethernet Port

One of my guys just asked me a question about the AUX Ethernet port on a 2.4Ghz connectorized radio. I answered his question first of course, and then decided to later search the forums to see if I was correct. :)  However, while searching, it seems that some of the features have changed over time with various firmwares... 

SO, Ben's initial question was:  He couldn't log into the ePMP with the expected IP on the main port. His initial question was if he could log in via the AUX port in it's ''default configuration". He ended up just resetting the radio which worked fine for his login needs, but then we started talking about what IP that second port would have, if it was just a "switch'' port or if it was a separate configurable Ethernet - if it supplied POE, if that POE was Cambium or Standard (depending on if the incoming POE was Standard or Cambium) and so on.

So I'm not certain what the correct & current info is - so I'm asking the experts now to see if someone can save me some searching time and give me the whole low down on the AUX Ethernet port. :)

Hi ninedd, 

The Aux is a simple bridge to the main port. It doesn't have its own IP address. The Aux port is capable of Cambium PoE OUT (when enabled). It cannot be used to power the radio with a power injector (no PoE IN).