AUX port glands?

Given that the PMP450m is supposed to use the uGPS (or similar AUX port device) for GPS sync, I have to admit, I was shocked to find the unit only ships with a single gland for the PSU/Ethernet port, and nothing for the AUX port.

Leaving out a necessary part? What gives, Cambium?

It looks like N000065L033A is the part number for ten units, (is that right? is that the metal gland cover?) but the 450m really should ship with the extra gland for the AUX port in the box. I do understand the SFP port being a separate part, but this is just being too cheap...

I have used LAPP KABEL Skintop PG16, 6mm to 13mm cable diameter, on short notice for 450i APs where the techs "lost" the originals. I was irked to say the least. Lapp part no 52015810. Google for the best price. Usually under $5 each.

However, these are not quite like the Cambium OEM PG16 gland. The Cambium version has a little bit longer body and is easier to work with. I want to say that this is a specialty item produced by Lapp for Cambium, which is why the cost is much higher.

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Based on your suggestion, I found a vendor and ordered some of those. They are shorter, and the hole in the rubber bushing is much larger, but at under $5 apiece, they are a more-than-adequate solution. The official Cambium ones are over $300 for a ten-pack!

Yes, it's not ideal, but it works. And you'll notice that you can fit a terminated RJ45 throuh the gland and still able to tighten it down enough that it will seal around an outdoor rated cat5/6 cable jacket.