Aux Sync over power port disabled when using Powerflux power and UGPS


So wondering on the following scenario - we currently have a Packetflux injector providing power to our PMP450i units and then we swapped out to a PMP450m (3 actually). Previously we used the packetflux unit to provide sync - but for the 450m we installed a Cambium UGPS on each 450m powered off the aux port with the PMP450m powered by the packetflux. We have other PMP450i units on the same packetflux source all working well. However - when connecting the 450m we get the following - Unsupported Canopy Sync Power Port pulse detected.Sync over power port is disabled. - which really is a bit dissapointing as we bought the UGPS to provide sync to the 450m .. So whats the go? Why would the Aux port be disabled because a non canopy sync pulse is detected on the main port? Surely selecting the Aux port for UGPS power should allow sync from the Aux port (and ability to disable any sync pulse from the main port?)? Why disable the aux port because of non-canopy sync pulse? For installs on a tower where the gear is in a small box (aka CMM3 style) the packet flux is a good option. Is there a way to resolve this?

arobo, The expected behaviour is that only pulses on the Main (Power) port are ignored when legacy “Canopy Sync” pulses are detected. This is the case because “Cambium Sync” and “Canopy Sync” pulses are incompatible on 450m HW. The Aux port sync-in functionality should be unaffected. Please confirm that the cable between the 450m and the UGPS is less than 10m in length and that the pin-out matches If these are not the problem, please capture an engineering.cgi and PM it to me. Is it possible to remove the sync source from the Packetflux injector? This would remove the warning that you are seeing.

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