AX Outdoor Radios w/ Dedicated Meshing Radio

Hi Cambium, I know you guys are busy on the outdoor AX based radios atm.

Are there any plans for outdoor omni ax radios with dedicated mesh radios or programmable radios ? Effectively a XV3-8 in a outdoor enclosure so that we can offer both 2.4 and 5 Ghz to end devices so that we don’t to fight in 2.4 Ghz spectrum for client.

There are times where we can’t run a P2MP pop due to either LOS issues/restricted tower access and run a mesh to get to a difficult to reach place.Run a lot of times into this issue in industrial environments.

Yes it is :slight_smile:
Wait a few months and the Cambium family will expand to include Outdoor devices in the AX standard :slight_smile:

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