Back haul

I Am facing the problem .My 5.7 BH is not registering i m not using any GPS cable.
It wes working all fine for 3 days then all of the sudden i lost the conectivity.
on Salve i see the Registering status but it keep on this status and didnt get registerd.
I despratly need Help any one out there who can help me Out it.


saud hassan

Hi Saud,

Make sure no color code is set.

If your not using a GPS take the master out of the CMM, tell it to generate its own sync and then see if the slave will register to it.

If your using a CMM you should try to use the GPS, as you will definately get intermittent problems.

Is your line of sigt completely clear. Take the slave and put it cose to the master. If it was working and then stopped… sounds like some form of interference, either external or self inflicted.

Are you experiencing any other problems like cant get to the CMM or othere equipment connected to it, network slowing down, etc…

good luck

Thank You Ajmal Bhai :wink:
We are using Omni On both ends.
No as the Back Haul is Sync the conections to the Omni is solved and request time are there to the client.
do you think that i Need GPS on both the ends.


Saud Hassan

idon’t think you can use gps sync at each end. one has to be slave and there is no provision to inject any sync on a slave or sm

Only the Master needs and can take the sync.

Have you done a link test what is your efficiency results.

What is your power dm’s… dont look at RSSI its aload of shit. what are your jitters.

If all that is good and u are still getting high ping times… then it looks like network traffic problem,
eiither too many collisions some where, a possible loop… ping from client to each hop and see what happens… .also u may want to test TCP to each hop.

make sure no one is flooding your network…


You are using an “omni” on both ends???
Whats up with that?
Do you mean reflector dish?