back hauls with different ip's

when just trying to align two different backhauls would it matter if they had different ip addresses? just having some wacky results and thought that might have something to do with it.

can you describe the problem?

are you using public routable IP’s? You should be using private network IP’s

Not routable. Just on seperate segments for the time being. They will be part of the same network once the link is established but right now it is two different subnets. So I am accessing one backhaul for example on and the other on I should still be able to do alignment even though network traffic should not pass, right?

the IP address are just to access backhauls, they have nothing to do with link.

the traffic will pass even if you do not keep any IP adds.

didn’t thinks so, thanks!

IP addresses do not make any difference. When you are aligning with the CANOPY ORTHOGON units, make sure you are not bouncing it off of something (ie: building etc.). Also make sure they have the correct serial numbers in each of them, and that you have them set up as slave and master.

It will not work properly if you don’t make sure of the above points.

Canopy BH’s, are like SM’s and AP’s. Again you have a master/slave relationship. The SM-SLAVE side will register with the AP-MASTER side.

IP Addresses do not effect the alignment or registration. They only cause problems with the actual internet network flow if they are incorect.