Backhaul 60 miles

Has anyone had a reliable 60 mile backhaul link? If so What equipment and dishes did you use?


I have a 61.3 Miles (98.7 Kilometers).

Specs are:
1- 3 Ft, Andrew Dish 5.8 GHz Feed, 670 meter mountain top, on one side
2- 2 Ft, Andrew Dish 5.8 GHz Feed, 895 meter mountain top, on the other side.

The equipment gain is 18 dbm
Speed is locked at 6 mbps. ( 4 Mbps real true output )
Radio bandwidth is 20 MHz, but one could choose 10 or 5 MHz. It will give more distance if noise level is about -100 db, and less speed, about 1 Mbps using 5 MHz radio bandwidth.
I have a good signal
Radio signal -65 db
Noise -92 db
SNR 27 db

FCS is 4815 out of 478,105,098 packets ( Packets re-transmission ) that 0.001% .

Latency is 14-17 ms.

The equipment is a Proxim Tsunami 5054-R.

But I think it could be done using Canopy connectorized. They output about the same power and the noise floor is about the same.

The chipset Proxim uses is Antheros, but now they switched to Intel.
What chipset does Motorola use?

It’s a legal FCC link, but down here it’s not, Max EIRP should be 8 Watts. In USA, no EIRP limits if the TX power is 100 mW.

:smiley: Thanks

I used a Motorola 30/60 with a 4ft dual pol on one end and 2 - 2ft single pols on the other. Link is 52miles and is working great.

14.25mbps each way, 29mbps aggregate.