Backhaul data rate and traffic monitoring. Master/Slave values look flipped.

I have two PTP 650's setup with the master connected to the internet and the slave connected to my AP's. I've been monitoring my data rate and don't understand why the slave side uses transmit while the master side uses receive. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

If you look at my graphs from the slave backhaul (which receives internet from the master) the values for data rate look flipped. Back on Friday I noticed that the data rate for receive/inbound traffic was 150mbps but was only using 7mbps. The data rate for transmit was 20mbps but was trying to use 70mbps. You can see in my graphs that on Friday I changed the link symmetry from adaptive to "1 to 5" on the master so the slave would be "5 to 1". This doubled my transmit capability and lowered my receive. If those values are flipped it would look great. Does this not sound right to anyone else?

The left graph I'm monitoring the data rate and the right graph I'm monitoring traffic.

I don't understand why the slave backhaul which is primarily downloading traffic is using transmit and not receive.

What OID or interface is Cacti monitoring, on which device?  It looks to me like it's monitoring the wired ethernet ports, which would be exactly backward from what the radio link itself is doing.


You're right. Thanks!