Backhaul problems

We have a 24 mile link that has been running great for the last 6 months. The last 2 weeks or so the down link has been pretty good and the up link has been running at around 200 Kbs . This is horrible since we run symetrical speeds we have been getting 7 up and 7 down. We have changed frequencys and everything else we can think to do anyone have any suggestions…??? :?: :?: :?:

Oh yeah it is a 5.7 20mb backhaul :smiley:

Take a new look at the RF spectrum by shutting down all of your 5.7 gear and putting the BHM into Slave mode. You will need to go to the far end of the BH link to do this. Run the RF analysis at both ends to see if there is a new RF source. If so move to another frequency.

Recheck alignment

Look for new physical objects in the path that might be inside the fresnel zone.

What does link test says? Also you could paste the results from the masters sessions page. Is it P9 or P10?