BackHaul Sync Issues

We have 3 Ap’s and 3 BackHauls on this one tower. All devices are connected to a CMM micro and all receive sync via the power port with no issuses, except for the BackHaul below:

Software Version : CANOPY 7.1.4 Apr 26 2005 11:07:45 BH-DES
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version : 051104
FPGA Features : Single, 40MHz ExtBus, DES, Type0
Frequency Band : 5.7GHz
Hardware Platform : 8
Hardware Minor Revision : 0

I have swapped cables with another device that is working and still get Error No Sync, I have swapped ports on the CMM and still get Error No Sync. Do you think it may be something physically wrong with the BackHaul? If so would it be ok to run a cable between the timing port of the BH to another working device and set the Non working BH to receive sync from timing port?


Yes. I do feel the same. U can sync this particular BH from another BH.Also a the same time if u have another working BH master spare , u can schedule both the things togather.I mean one by one, & confirm if the problem is due to faulty BH…

Is this your main tower? are all the backhauls masters or slaves?

Change the places of the slave module with the master.

In the meantime you can setup the two BH witch are receiving sync to frequencies like 5800 and 5830, ant the other to 5740. This way they should work without the sync.