Backhaul Unit to link SmartZone and Intellirepeater?

So basically…

We’re adding an Intellirepeater site to an existing SmartZone system. The distance is about 20mi. We’ve looked at T1’s, etc. and even got a $120k quote for microwave.

The problem I see (and bare with me - I’m just a lowly IT guy) is that currently there are channel banks hooked up, and my understanding is that the channel banks are muxing everything.

If we change from T1’s to Backhaul units - would it work? Does anyone know what we would need? It seems to me that if there is muxing going on in the Adtrans, then a standard Ethernet interface would not work.

Rough diagram of what we want to do:

Adtran/Channelbank (a)->Backhaul ----- Wireless Link ----- Backhaul->Adtran/Channelbank (b)

And we want Adtran/Channelbank (a) to talk to Adtran/Channelbank (b)

If I read the other thread correctly - we’re basically trying to do what someone else is. Going from IP to TDM, correct? … php?t=3678

So if we used a RAD IPMUX box - it would mux it from the backhaul into the channelbank?

Thanks for any information.


You are correct. You can use a variety of different boxes to convert from TDM to IP. Our experience is using the RAD VMux boxes. These are similar to the IPMux boxes that you have read about, the major difference being that the VMux boxes do voice compression.

We are carrying (3) Voice Channels (E&M interfaces) from a local hospital back to our County’s Court House, over a 5.2 GHz 20 Mbps Canopy BH link. This is a temporary solution until their “real” licensed microwave equipment arrives at our facility next week. This temp application has been running, flawlessly, since October 2006.

The VMux boxes have (4) E&M interfaces which terminate to the box as RJ-45 connections. There is also a “Network” port on the box which would connect to your Canopy BH. There is also a “LAN” port on the box which you could also connect to an existing hard-wired Ethernet network if needed.

From a configuration stand-point, it was simple. RAD refers to the IP packets being transported over the link as “Bundles”. You basically assign the RAD boxes IP addresses, configure the bundles, and you are up and running. Configuration is accomplished via Telnet, through a Command-Style menu.

A solution like this is much more cost-effective, although since this is a SmartZone system, you may want to investiage a 4.9 GHz link. Using licensed spectrum for a mission critical system is the better option. Acquiring the 4.9 GHz license for your entity should be fairly straight forward. You are granted use of the entire 40 MHz (I believe) of spectrum to use.

Note that the RAD boxes may be purchased with more than 4 E&M interfaces. I think you can go all the way up to 16, possibly more.

Let me know if you have any more questions


Thank you for the information.

I’m sure some more questions will arise as soon as all this registers.

Do you have any ballpark idea what it would cost for a 4.9GHz licensed spectrum?

We understand the mission-critical part, and how the backhaul is not intended for public safety use. However, it’s just a temporary solution until their T1 line installations are completed.

But if the pricing isn’t REALLY expensive (like the Microwave) we can investigate the 4.9GHz spectrum.

What do you recommend? What equipment would we need?


I was just at IWCE in Las Vegas last week and paid special attention to 4.9 GHz equipment. The equipment I was most impressed with was made by Exalt. They make an integrated, all-outdoor unit, like Canopy, as well as a split indoor/outdoor unit. Antenna connected to Indoor Equipment via hard-line.

The nice thing about the Exalt equipment is that it will transport T1 frames as well as Ethernet. So, if you would go with this equipment, you could use your existing Mux as long as it is Muxing everything to T1 frames. You would connect a T1 port on your existing Mux to one of the T1 ports on the Exalt IDU. This means you won’t need to convert from TDM to IP and vice versa. But, I’m sure this solution would be more expensive.

You will have to do some research & homework with regards to pricing. There are many solutions out there that can meet your needs.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


We use a set of Orthogons (now Motorola PTP) with RAD IPMux-11 boxes to link a Trident Micro Systems NTS Passport Trunking system together.

Works great. The T1 comes into the RAD converts to Ethernet goes into the Orthogon passes through to next couple of hops, then the RAD at the other end turns it back into T1 and into that controller.

We’ve done for a couple of links now. If you need voice and that like E&M then probably the VMux msmith talks about would be good. I don’t know smartzone.

But I am very satisfied with the RAD product.