Backhauls do re-register once every 24 hours

Yesterday I was on a WiNS conference call and Darrell (of Motorola) explained that only AES backhauls re-register every 24 hours. :oops:

We have DES backhauls that do this as well. I tried to log a “trouble ticket” with Canopy Technical Support but was discouraged from doing so. Bottom line: I’m logging it here that AES [u:14xvs6gq]AND[/u:14xvs6gq] DES backhauls both re-register with each other once every 24 hours. Canopy technical support help-line folks agreed with me. :idea:

Why is this relevent? There are applications out there that require unbroken communication with a host server or device. Satelitte receivers need constant communication with a comparator, for example. Also, we have a fire department that uses a Red Alert (dispatch) system that requires constant communications with a server. When backhaul units re-register it is like cutting the cable, albiet briefly because a good link will re-register in under a second.

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I second this. I have both 5.2 and 5.7 GHz DES BH links and all of them re-reg when the uptime rolls over 24 hours.

Also, there are only o a couple ofmy links that take a few seconds to register. The others I don’t even notice. We are not yet running any traffic that requires a 100% connection.


Motorola states that the re-reg @24 hours takes about 30-40ms. Is that too much for you?

Is this re-registration reflected in the up-time of the unit? In other words, if the link resets once every 24 hours, is the max up-time that would be displayed be 1 day?

I only ask because the uptime on our 5.7 DES link reflects the time since we have installed it - very long time.

I have the same results here, the total uptime value is not affected.

The re-registration every 24 hours occurs when AirLink Security/Encryption is Enabled. Re-registration occurs because the master changes encryption keys every 24 hours.

To lessen the problem, I reboot the master at a non-critical hour of the day – like 2:00 AM – so the re-registration then occurs at the same non-critical time every day. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help customers needing uninterrupted service. Disabling AirLink Security will solve the problem, but this may be even less acceptable.

I too was told by Moto that’s the way it is with BH registrations every 24 hours. Although I’m not running a T-1 mux and don’t know how it would react if connected to a BH, a T-1 customer would be distraught if the T-1 had an interuption every 24 hours. Any basic T-1 equipment will catch this as a problem.

If it’s due to the encryption key changes, why doesn’t it happen on the SMs, which are also running AirLink Security/Encryption? I don’t see any registrations or re-registrations from them every 24 hours.