backhauls going up and down

hi all i have a 30/60 backhaul running 2, 3 foot andrews on each side so four in total my problem is they go from running in maxium throughput to limited to the wireless condtions to byte errors on the network and then back to max as i watch them with a 6 sec update they stay good for long periods and then back to the same thing,no wind as i watched tonight no rain clear crisp and cool and calm ,any thoughts i am suspecting a cabling issue but what i can’t figure is what i should look for exactly.

My guess would be either bad jumpers to the antennas (If the problem has only recently started) or interference. Try changing out the jumpers on one end of the link then watch and test.

What/if any obstructions are in the way. I saw this happen with an OFDM lite with tree blockage and heavy rains saturating the foliage over a period of about a month. Once the weather cleared up and the leaves had a chance to dry out it’s stabilized and hasn’t dropped speed since.

has line of site albeit at 67 kms