Backhauls or 802.11G Cisco/Orinoco

We currently bridge two towers about 1/4 mile apart with a 5.2 AP/SM set, but we need to replace it with a larger pipe.

BH20’s are costly. We are considering using 802.11G instead. Any comments, warnings, etc?

One tower has CMM, the other has CMMMicro.


Nothing more than the obvious which I’m sure you have already considered.

Is there any existing 2.4 GHz stuff on either tower that might cause interference? Which specific Cisco or Orinoco bridge is this? How large of a pipe do you need?

At 1/4 mile you wouldn’t need reflectors if you chose Canopy, so that drives the cost down a bit. You could most likely use the existing CAT-5 you have installed on the AP-SM link. What other costs are associated with the 802.11g equipment that you had in mind?

Buy 2 Mikrotik 532 routerboards with ap software for $170 a pop get 4 Super Range 5 wireless 802.11a 400mw cards at $109 ea or even at that short distance you could use 4 CM9 60mw a.b.g cards run them in Nstream2 mode. this will use 1 radio for tx and 1 for rx in full duplex mode at that range should give you more speed than a 20Mb BH for half the price of the cost of 1 BH.