Backhual/AP/SM bandwidth control


I would like to know if we can limit the internet bandwidth of each customer SM using third party product?
Using my current third party product I can limit the bandwidth of PC’s based on IP address as the system knows the source address from where the traffic is originating. But what about wireless radios? Its just a media for connection.
I don’t want to limit the bandwidth of customer by going to each customer radio.

The new version of Prism will be released shortly.

but wht if i don,t want to use Prism?
Any other product?

there is castlerock which is a configurable snmp management system. its not cheap.

other than prism and castlerock there are not a lot of options.

we use 2 layers of bandwitch control, one on te SM. and on the server/router.

limiting the bandwith on the SM saves banthwith for tha AP.

we also use two layers of bandwidth control, like moinavery. On the SM, and on our edge and core routers powered by Mikrotik. We not only rate limit in them, but filter things such as P2P, viruses, spam, etc, which is key in stretching your bandwidth and maintaining a low pps.

You can buy a license for $50 and install it on most any server. You can use it for caching as well. An answer for some.