Backhual Questions

Please forgive me if some of these questions sound rudimentary, but I want to be sure.
Quick overview of setup. In house. 5.7 20Mb BH’s set about 20ft apart. Version 6.1 . Downlink set to 90%. Spectrum analysis done and freq’s a clear. RSSI is 2400 and dBm is -25 (again in house so good signaling). Timing is being taken off of the master.
I know the aggregate throughput is 14Mb (7 up and 7down at 50% downlink) but shouldn’t I be able to get at least 11Mb or 12Mb down with the Downlink set to 90% ? I am currently only able to get a maximum of 8Mb. Any help would be apreciated.

How many data slots do you have for the downlink?

33 Data slots Down