backoffice managment

hi all,
someone can write here his feedback with various backoffice program in a Canopy scenario ? (like this -> )
we need:
1) Sending E-mail and sms to customer n days before his Subscription end …
2) deactivating internet service once his subscription is ended redirecting the customer to a pay page reactivating his subscription automatticaly …
3) reserved customer area where the customer can pay and print his bill
4) other stuff
thanx all :roll:
if all this in italian would better ! :stuck_out_tongue:


On your Server:

Jerry Richardson wrote:

On your Server:

very tnx but all of this are using radius server ...
at this time our net has no authentication metod :(

some ideas ?

Not sure how you are going to handle authentication with some type of radius or other database.

As far as re-direct, that subject was brought up in this forum previously. I think the topic was deadbeat customers or something like that.

we are implementing powercode

right now we’re just using it for billing because our authentication and bandwidth control is handled by prizm. They used to make their own bandwidth and authentication unit but they just signed a deal with imagestream routers which is who all our routers are made by. with the deal they signed the imagestream router will act as the auth. and bandwidth control, dhcp server, client redirect etc etc. too many features to list here.

they have a live demo on their site.

like i said we are just now implementing their server but so far it seems like a great product.

it was developed by a WISP and then they spun it off as a separate company. Since a WISP developed it there are a bunch of features specific to our industry.

they also migrated all of our data from our old system.