Are the backups forward compatible?

Could a backup created on a v2.0 device be applied to a device running v2.1

I ask because the version number is noted in the backup file itself.



Applying a backup from a an older version of software is not recommended. It is better to downgrade the radio to match the software version of the backup configuration, apply the configuration and then upgrade the radio back to the newer software version.

Why even have a backup?  If you have to find out the version of the backup and then down grade the new unit to match to old unit and then load the backup onto the new unit and then update the new unit to the version you are using on your network seems foolish.  Why not just reprogram the radio from scratch?  Or maybe fix the problem to allow one to use the backup on any version.  Ubiquiti can, so it can not be that hard.

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I thought the same way.  It seems silly to not just use XML format and keep things the same while adding new tags for new features.

It was a recommendation, not a requirement. We have made massive additions between 2.0 and subsequent releases in terms of adding features wherein, in some cases, we changed the underlying behavior of exising features.  So it is recommended to restore a backup on the same software to avoid gotchas. Also it is good practice to make backups on every new software release. 



Can the backup process be automated after an upgrade?  The thing I like about having a backup is you can keep it in a customer's account or database.  Then if the customer's SM gets damaged or corrupted, you have a readily available, quick solution to get them back up.   I know it is just a recommendation, but this process will get very cumbersome the more customers you bring on line.  So I guess what I am asking is, can the back-up process be looked and possibly improved to allow restores to any software versions?