Bad Link Tests

Ok guys I have a head scratcher here. On one ap we have we are getting bad link tests across the board. AP is a 900 connected to an omni. Doesn’t appear RF related as customers who have been on the same session for 6days+ have bad link tests as well. We have tried everything we can think of , turning 2x off, changing the channel, control slots, dl % ,etc ,etc. But we cant get anything higher then about 75-80% . Its really confusing especially since we have a APF at this POP as well and also another omni about 4 miles away and neither of those two are showing these symptoms.

Any ideas?

Try a different channel. When I come across things like this it’s almost some kind of RF noise I’m not seeing straight away.

As already stated , we tried all three channels already. Im almost starting to believe either the AP or the Omni is bad.

Sorry - my skimming missed that.

Any coax or lightning protection that can be replaced/removed for testing? I’ve lost >10db off of bad coax before - may not be showing up in the RF levels but certainly could affect performance. The other thing would be as you’re thinking - try a different AP and see if you can narrow it down.

and today it seems to be working fine…strange.