bad uplink throughput


I'm facing a strange issue with a pmp430sm connecting to a pmp400AP: even if the reception is good, around -60dBm, a link capacity test shows strange results: uplink rate is never better than 1,57 mbps, when it could be 5,25 mbps. Other SMs on the same AP can achieve this throughput.

In engineering mode, I can see that the SM is transmitting at 3X downlink, but only 1X uplink (and, as my AP is set to 75% downlink, 0.25 * 7 = 1.75, which seems coherent).

Eng bidirectional theoretical at 3X (DL)/ 1X (UL): 14745600 down   1638400 up   16384000 agg (16.38 Mbps)

Has someone already seen this ? Is this a config or radio problem, or is the SM faulty ?




Sorry for very long delay in responding... were you ever able to resolve this?  We have not supported these products in quite some time, and there has been no software development for even longer.

If you can't get this working to your liking, I would highly recommend looking at the 450 platform.