BAM 1.1 help

Hi, I have been given the job of setting up some Canopy Access Points and Subsriber Modules.
I have managed to get the Access Points and Subscriber Modules working ok.
But I am having problems with the next step.

I am using a Redhat 9 box and installing Bam 1.1
The software is installed and working.

The problem comes when I try to create an ESN table and then proceed to import this into the Canopy Web Site on the Redhat box.
I have created the file according to the instructions. Putting in the Mac address of the Subsriber Module, then All 0’s for the Authentication Key - the boxes are new.
Then I have put in the Quality of Service numbers,
I then run ./cdf infile.txt outfile.txt 10000 10000 10000 10000 and it creates the outfile.txt ok.
When I go to import it from the web page is just comes up with “Corrupted ESN”

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I have gone wrong.
Or can you suggest what I can try.
Also I am using BAM 1.1 - What is the difference with BAM 2.
Do I need BAM 2 ?

Are you putting in actual MAC addresses or are you making up test MAC’s? The file must contain a specific range of addresses. Can you copy and paste the contents of the outfile.txt. You can email them to me offlist if you do not want to post them to the board.

Hi, the canopy support supplied me with the answer.
It needed to have just the MAC address in version 1.1 of BAM
Thanks for the help