BAM and EMS License

Hi Forum.

Could someone tell me the part number so i can place and order for some.

BAM License
EMS License

Appreciate your help.

I just was on the phone with Motorola this morning. The new part numbers are as follows:

25 pack EMS: RVN5173A
100 Pack EMS: RVN5172A

BAM 25 pack: RVN5171A
BAM 100 pack: RVN5170A

Thanks a lot :lol: . amd

Not a problem. :slight_smile:

what exactly does the 25 pack get? does that mean I can manage 25 elements or what?

Thats correct. 25 elements.

so if we have 26 sms and 3 aps and one cmm what licensing packs does it require? is that 30 total licenses?

No you only need 1 per AP and 1 per BH link so you would only need 3