BAM licensing

Do you typically run more than one BAM server? I’m having some problems trying to figure out exactly how many copies of the lisence key to buy. I see that the BAM license is sold in a single license, a doulbe license (server and redundant), and a three pack (server and two redundant).

What I don’t understand is whether you purchase a license per BAM server you run, or per Canopy license manager server.

For example if I want redundancy in the Canopy License manager I need to run three servers due to the elections.

Now, if I want redundant BAM servers and I run two, do I need to purchase two copies of the BAM license, one for each of the BAM servers, or three licenses, one for each Canopy License manager server?

Motorola tech support gives me conflicting answers on this. Last time I talked to them they told me I needed two single licenses, this time they tell me that I need to purchase 2 - three license packs if I am running the setup I just described, along with a floating AP license for every AP for EACH of the two BAM servers, which doesn’t sound right.

Is it normal to run redundant BAM servers, each of them tied to a single Canopy License manager?

Can anyone clarify this for me? I’m lost, and tech support won’t give me a straight answer, and gives conflicting answers each time I call. The several distributers I’ve spoken with have never heard of the Canopy License manager software.