BAM Problem

I am receiving this error message in the canopy.log file.

Level: 0 Time: 2005-06-27 16:14:12 File: engineport.cpp Line: 389 Message: Unable to send SM 0a003ef1a268 drop request,either the SM does not exist or do not know which AP it belongs to: No such Device

The SM does exists already in the Subscriber Admin page.
1. How will I be able to force the SM to home to a particular AP (aside from the Freq and color code)?
2. How will I know to which AP the SM belongs where as there are no fields in the BAM gui (Subscriber Admin) where I can Key-in the MAC address or IP of the AP?
3. In the Statistics page, there is a field showing the Access Point Address but this shows nothing. Take note that I already added the MAC Address of the AP in the Access Points Page.

When I enable authentication in the AP, the SM cannot register and Re-Reg count increases rapidly.

Please help. Thanks.