Bandwidth allocation for epmp force 180 with out CnMaestro Management

This morning had an issue with cloud CnMaestro and contacted tech support.  I troubleshoot with an engineer who said  this problem will be fixed till the next firmware or version release in Q2. I just installed my epmp AP's and I am getting close to start deploying it. I had  service plans created on CnMaestro already, but seems it can not be done with it. Anyways, the support engineer suggested to make bandwidth allocation with Radius server but wonder if there is anyway to do it from the actual customer CPE? I will be using force 180 as my SMs.


You can use MIR (Maximum Information Rate) settings to provide bandwidth allocation on SMs. 

Create MIR profiles on the AP:

Then set the desired MIR profile number on the SM/CPE:




I am bench testing two epmp 180 force radios AP-SM mode, created my service plans already and followed your instructions about selecting on the SM the service plan #1. I ran the speed test and get the bandwidth, ran it  again and seems to be dropping the bandwidth drastically  to.96 (download) where I am suppose to get close to 20Mbps. I ran a spectrum analyzer wondering if the frequency is an issue, but it's not. What can be done to make consistent the bandwidth allocation? I attached my pic of my Internet feed on my router in case you wonder.

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Hi KDrama.  If you want a 20 Mbit download plan, you'd want to create a plan (let's say plan #2 for example) in the AP and have it's Downlink set to 20000 and it's uplink set to whatever you want - let's say 5000.  That would give you 20 Mbit (20,000 kbit) download and 5 Mbit (5,000 kbit) upload.  Of course, some people want to put 20480 down and 5120 uplink to take the '1024s' into account - but that's not usually significant.

Then when you configure your SM, you assign it to plan 2, and it gets plan #2's rules from however they are set in the AP's QOS.

The only thing is that they both need to be saved of course, and we sometimes see it take a few moments to figure out that the QOS has changed - but certainly doing a save/reboot on them for testing should be fine to make sure it knows what plan it is on.

So, this is one of our AP's showing Plan #1 setup as about 10MBit down and 1 Mbit upload.

Here is what it looks like on my SM at home, set to plan 1.

Here is what it looks like on the AP "Monitor -> Wireless" screen, which tells you what setting each SM has...  so you can confirm that the AP and the SM are all happy with each other's QOS settings..

And here's what I get when doing a Link Test from home to the AP.

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