Bandwidth for apartment complex

I was wondering how other people in this forum have tackled this topic. We are providing Wi-Fi access in a college apartment complex that will have approx 150 users in the building. Now obviously these are college kids so they will be heavy bandwidth users, we were thinking of getting a load balancing router and just combine two 5.7 SMs. Does anyone else recommend a different suggestion?

Are your AP’s advantage? An advantage AP5700 should give you up to 10M x 3M sustained.

Otherwise, two 5.7SM’s should do it for you assuming you have the BW at the tower.

no they aren’t advantage, i figure we’ll just get a dlink load balancing router or something similar and use two SMs. thanks.

If the Same AP is feeding the both SM , then I feel it will not make any additional differrence in getting more bandwidth.

I was curious about that myself…

Does each SM get its own 7Mbit, or is there 7 for all on said AP to share?

The Bandwidth that you pump into each of the AP gets shared between the SMs that are connected on respective AP.

i was under the impression that an AP can do more than the SM…how ever looking at my bandwidth monitoring graphs im starting to wonder if that is correct.

anyone know for sure?

Actually, since the AP is not advantage, there probably is no benefit to doubling up the SM’s as the AP can only support 7M aggregate traffic.

If the AP was advantage, and the SM’s were standard, then doubling would have a benefit.

I hope you are getting paid at least 600/mo for this connection.